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Application for admission for 2024-2025 would commence in around November 2023. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Applicants are required to hold a bachelor's degree or its equivalent in an appropriate subject.

Applicants could visit the HKU website at:


Part-time students may be required to attend lectures with the full-time students on weekday afternoons.  Hence, part-time students with full-time jobs are recommended to apply for day release to attend the lectures or compromise with their employers on a mutually agreed work schedule before applying for this programme.


Application deadlines for 2024-2025:

1st round: 31 March 2024

2nd round: 30 April 2024

Clearing: 31 May 2024

  • A1. Am I required to post / mail the supporting documents to the Program?
    NO. Providing softcopies will suffice at the stage of application. Applicants are recommended to upload the supporting documents to the online application system. You will be required to send the original / certified true copies of the transcript(s), IELTS report and other documents requested by the Faculty only after you have been given an offer.
  • A2. What documents must applicants provide/upload?
    The complete/up-to-date transcript(s) of your undergraduate and, if applicable, postgraduate study; Your personal statement, if any; and Your curriculum vitae (CV). In some cases, the Programme will email the applicants to ask for a clearer version of the documents.
  • A3. What are the English language requirements?
    An applicant who is seeking admission on the basis of a qualification from a university or comparable institution outside Hong Kong of which the language of teaching and/or examination is not English is required to satisfy the English language requirements. For details regarding the admission requirements, please refer to the following website: *Exemptions* Applicants who are studying in a non-English speaking country / region but hold a undergraduate degree of which the language of teaching is fully in English shall provide a testimonial or a certified proof issued by the Registry of the university / institution. If you have completed a Master’s degree in Hong Kong and other English-speaking countries, you have to provide the transcript of the Master’s degree to be exempted from providing examination results of satisfying the English language requirements.
  • A4. Does the Programme accept the IELTS Home indicator test/ TOEFL IBT Special Home Edition/ Duolingo English Test (DET)?
    NO! Only examinations listed in the following website are accepted:
  • A5. If I have not completed the undergraduate study by the time of application, am I eligible to apply for the GeoDS Program?"
    YES, provided that you can provide the complete transcript by the end of August. Meanwhile, you shall provide the current up-to-date transcript by uploading to the online application system.
  • A6. Is it necessary to provide letter(s) of recommendations or reference letter(s)?
    Applicants need not submit any recommendation letter(s). If you want to invite your referee(s) to write a recommendation, kindly provide the information of your referee(s) when filling in the online application form. An invitation email will be sent from the online reference system to the referees(s). Please note that the invitation links will be expired within two weeks. The applicants shall be responsible for reminding their referee(s) to fill in the online reference report by the deadline. They have the right to change the referee(s) by editing the information of the referee(s) on the online reference system. The Program does not have the right to do so. If your referee(s) has forgotten to fill in the form by the deadline, you still can try to contact the Program to see if any remedies can be made.
  • A7. How long does it take to receive a ‘result’?
    There is no fixed date of releasing the ‘result’, although all applicants shall receive an email from the Faculty regarding the status of application by late July or early August each year. If you have not received any email after completing the application form and settling the application fees, it implies that you have not been shortlisted at that moment. Hence, please check the email you have provided in the application form from time to time.
  • A8. Will there be admission interviews?
    It is possible that applicants are invited to attend an admission interview.
  • B1. How do I know that I am shortlisted by the Program?
    You will be invited to an admission interview in the form of email. You may be given an offer after the interview and the Program will confirm with you again if you really want to be admitted.
  • B2. When do I have to settle the first installments?
    You will have to settle the first installments when you receive the official offer, usually in the form of email, from the Faculty.
  • B3. How long does it take to receive the official offer from the Faculty?
    Earlier shortlisted applicants usually have to wait until January of an academic year to receive the offer email sent by the Faculty. Otherwise, the process will take around 2 months or more after the interview or after you have been shortlisted.
  • C1. In which sectors do our graduates find jobs?
    Education and teaching Government Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) Research or further study Business/start-up

Composition Fee

(subject to the University’s approval)


: HK$ 125,000
: HK$ 125,000

HK$ 250,000

: HK$ 62,500
: HK$ 62,500
: HK$ 62,500

: HK$ 62,500
HK$ 250,000
*Subject to approval from the University Senate

Local and non-local students pay the same composition fee for their study in the Programme. Local students are those who have the right of abode in Hong Kong, whilst non-local students are those who are required to apply for Student Visa to study at The University of Hong Kong.


The first instalment shall be paid when accepting the admission offer before the start of study.

The second instalment shall be paid in January of the first year of study.

The third and fourth shall be paid in September and January of the second year of study.

The course has been included in the list of reimbursable courses for Continuing Education Fund purposes
(applicable to Hong Kong students only). This course is recognised under the Qualifications Framework (QF Level [6]).
For details, please visit Continuing Education Fund website

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